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Crimson Clover Excellent Cover Crop for Weed Suppression

Crimson Clover, a versitile summer annual cover crop

Trifolium incarnatum

Crimson clover provides early spring nitrogen for full season crops in Southern regions. Rapid summer or fall growth in cool season areas make it ideal for weed suppression and green manure purposes. Crimson clover is widely used in the South for roadside cover or as a re-seeding annual clover in pastures and hay ground. It is gaining popularity as a versatile summer annual cover crop in Northern regions.

Planting Instructions:

In Mixes

10-12 lbs/acre drilled
15-20 lbs/ acre broadcast

Seeding Rate:




Ideal Soil:


15-18 lbs/acre drilled
25-30 lbs/ acre broadcast

Rhizobium True Clover Innoculant

Prefers well-drained soils within a pH range of 4.8-8.3, 6.5 being ideal. Can tolerate low-fertility soils.

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