The Need to Overseed, Think Green

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Many who care for warm season turf look upon winter over-seeding with a certain amount of apprehension, perhaps thinking the practice a necessary evil. Northern-dwelling snowbirds flee their colorless environments back home with visions of a picture-perfect green oasis in their heads. They rarely consider the hard work involved to make those dreams a reality prior to their arrival. Read More

Turf Research Update

Sunday, October 01, 2017

At Grassland Oregon, we are excited about the future of our research efforts in turf. We continue to look for ways to bring new products to the market that are not just a repeat of what we already have. Some innovations we have, like Memphis, Wichita, and Olympus, have been performing well in the current tall fescue NTEP. We are also pleased to say that Birmingham is performing quite nicely in the Maryland/Virginia trials. Grassland Oregon currently has 3 new perennial ryegrasses entered in the 2016 Perennial trial (GO-141, GO-142, and GO-143). We can’t wait to see how they rise to the top! Lastly, we have entered 3 new Kentucky Bluegrasses in the 2017 Kentucky Bluegrass trial (GO-2628, GO-22B23, and GO-2425). These are varieties that will complement our current stable of Skye, Prosperity, andMilagro. Please keep an eye on all of these as we are sure that they will be an enhancement to your current program, now and in the future. Read More

Turfgrass- The Gift that just Keeps Giving

Saturday, July 01, 2017

When we plant a lawn or a grassy area, many think about all the work that goes into it; mowing, watering, fertilizing, etc., but what we put into it we get in return, tenfold!  Read More

Spring Turf Tips

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Now that Spring has sprung, we've got the tips to keep your lawn in top shape!


-Clean up gently after winter. Avoid heavy yard work until after the soil has dried out. Foot traffic and hard raking can compact or disturb soggy soil and damage tender, spring grass shoots.


-Find out if you have soil problems. Now is a great time to conduct a soil test to find out if your soil needs any attention. Early spring can be a great time to apply lime if you’ll be planting new grass later this year.


-Attack the weeds. Spring is the best time to prevent weeds by using a pre-emergent weed control, which works to prevent the weed seeds from germinating. Local circumstances vary so check the label for application date and control.


-Feed the lawn. DO NOT over fertilize in the spring. If your lawn is in bad shape, fertilize lightly with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer.


-Lastly use the proper tool for the job. Sharpen the blade and tune up your lawn mower as well as other lawn equipment. A little extra work this spring will make the rest of the year a breeze.

 Read More

What Survived Our Rigorous Richland Research?

Thursday, May 01, 2014

 Following one of the hottest, driest summers in 50 years, the GO-Richland, IA Research Farm experienced one of the 10 coldest winters in recorded history.  Miserable weather for those of us who chose to live here but perfect weather for turf and forage research.  The varieties that survived the past 12 months are definitely tolerant of heat, drought and bitter cold.  Last summer we had 12 days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (countless in the 90’s) and just over 2 inches of rain from June thru September.  The winter that followed was just as brutal with our first killing frost in late October and many nights of -20 degrees Fahrenheit and no snow cover.   Read More

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