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Grassland Oregon is a leading developer and provider of top rated varieties of turf, forage and cover crop species.

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Farmers are benefiting more from FIXatioN than any other combined forage or cover crop. Read More...


“I planted FIXatioN along with small grains as a cover crop last fall. I had so much forage mass I took a cutting for  baleage without sacrificing my cover crop benefit.”

- Happy Customer in MO


Grassland Oregon announces improvements to its SucraSEED® line of high sugar forage and wildlife mixes for the upcoming season.  Two revolutionary new clovers, Frosty Berseem and FIXatioN Balansa, will be added to the lineup increasing the protein levels in SucraSEED®.

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Since 2000, Grassland Oregon has evaluated over
10,000 lines and more than 200 species from nearly 100 countries. Click on the map to see our research locations.

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