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As a cover crop, FIXatioN:

Sets more than 100 units of Nitrogen per acre

Breaks up soil compaction and prevents erosion

Suppresses weeds and maintains soil moisture


As a forage, FIXatioN:

Provides relative feed values as high as 277 (with crude protein levels of 22%-28%)

Yields over 2.5 tons/acre of extremely digestible dry matter in a single cutting

Capable of re-seeding up to 3 years under proper management




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"High Nitrogen - High Protein
FIXatioN Balansa Clover
is a Game Changer"

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Increases cash crop yields as a cover crop and livestock mass/quality as forage

Protects and nourishes the soil

Attracts pollinators and is safe for wildlife

FIXatioN is delivering more - and more impressive - results for farmers and ranchers than any other combined forage and cover crop. Read More

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